Cats are disappearing in Switzerland.  They are being shot and killed under the guise that they are a nuisance to wildlife.  Much hype has been given to statistics that cats kill millions of birds each year, and people who do not like cats are shooting them and using this as an excuse to kill other people’s pets.  Yet another reason to keep your cat indoors!!

Numerous articles have been written about the cat fur trade, including Business Insider and Live Science last June.  For whatever reason, it didn’t seem to get much attention. Apparently, in Switzerland, cat fur is big business, even though it was technically outlawed in 2008; and a cat fur blanket can cost up to $1,700.

Not only are people shooting cats, but there are over 20 cat tanneries that Switzerland that are selling cat fur hides.  I’m just sick thinking about it.


Pressure needs to be applied to the Swiss Government to let them know that this is an issue the world continues to watch and cares deeply about.  Care2 has a petition you can sign to show your support for cats and hopefully send a message to the Swiss government.

I was sad to see that this petition only has 80,000 signatures.

P.S. I did a Google Image Search on “Cat Fur Trade” and I regret the images I saw.  This needs to be stopped.