On Monday, June 9th, Andre Robinson had a hearing in a Brooklyn, NY court regarding charges that he kicked ‘King’ the one-year old cat nearly twenty feet in the air like a football.  He will have a hard time defending his actions considering his horrifying video went viral and he laughed and grinned about doing it.  The maximum sentence is one year in prison.

The awesome, and heart-warming part of this story is that over two dozen people showed up to be the voice for ‘King’ the cat.

Thankfully King has been adopted by a loving family in Manhattan…but others are not so lucky.  In May, we learned about Quattro the cat who was beaten to death by school-age children in New Jersey.  As a society, we cannot let these crimes go unpunished.  We need to take a stand against evil.  As one of King’s supporters, Margaret Lee said, “…as a society, [if we] can’t protect the weakest among us – what good are we?”


Read the full article to get the full scoop on the hearing.  Another court date was set for July.