‘Cat lady’ finds homes for 900 felines

Lauren Sullivan, today

note:  i did a story on this wonderful lady back in early january entitled “300 cats, yes.  craziness, no“.  interesting to see the publicity that she has now received on the today show.  She’s a truly wonderful woman with a huge heart.

The term “cat lady” typically brings to mind that crotchety neighbor down the block with a strange affinity for felines.  Siglinda Scarpai is not that “cat lady.”

900catstoday show

Jill Rappaport recently paid her a visit and learned what it takes to maintain the shelter, which has helped find homes for 900 cats over the years.

“I have to raise $20,000 every month,” Scarpai explained. “And what I do, I put it on my credit card and little by little, I pay ’em back.”

Rappaport says the nonprofit is particularly important because many shelter cats are never adopted. She was humbled by Scarpai’s dedication to the animals, including the many felines that live in her home.

Scarpai knows each and every one of her cats’ names (like Pappagino and Massimo) and their individual histories.

“This woman is a hero to me,” Rappaport gushed. “An angel to all the animals that were so blessed to end up in her care, and then hopefully will all end up in permanent wonderful homes.”

Because of attention from TODAY viewers, Scarpai’s website,GoathouseRefuge.org, has crashed. Until it’s back up you can reach her at (919) 542-6815 or (919) 542-6813.

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  1. Boomdeeadda

    OM Gosh. Wouldn’t it be so awesome if they all find homes. BRAVO to the Today show and Mrs Scarpai for everything they are doing for this beautiful cats.


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