A Brooklyn “man”, if you can call him that, was caught on video kicking a cat like a football.  The cat goes flying through the air out of control and the “man”, known as Andre Robinson of Brooklyn, New York, is seen laughing his tail off about it.

This person is sick and inhumane.  Let’s not forget about the people who were standing around watching this and the person who was video taping this heinous act.  They should all be questioned, and I think the person who was videotaping the crime should also be charged, unless they did it in order to use the video to help police.

The full article is on The Daily Mail– but please, viewer warning.  The video is extremely graphic and disturbing as the cat is kicked, full force and flies nearly 20 feet in the air.

Sign the petition demanding that charges are brought against Andre Robinson for his crime.  Send a message that animal cruelty is never okay.  We, as a civilized society, will not accept this.  The petition is only looking for 2000 signatures and they are almost there…we can push them over the edge and beyond.

UPDATE – in less than an hour, we successfully pushed this campaign over 2,000 signatures…but their new goal is 3,000.

What do you think about this?  What should Andre’s punishment be?  Should the other “friends” be punished as well?