If you haven’t read about Beano the Allergy Cat, you are missing out on one inspirational story.  Beano is an almost 3-year old cat from the UK who overcame a severe case of allergies.  He was “allergic to life” it seems as everything triggered his immune system.

Beano’s parents, Nicole and James, never gave up and finally found a solution to help Beano overcome his severe cat allergies so he could, for the first time, relax and enjoy life, instead of itching and scratching himself raw. Even thought Beano suffered so, he never gave up or let his condition get him down… this is why Beano is our cat of the week.

Definitely check out Beano’s story and see the before and after pictures of Beano and learn about his journey to find help for his condition.


Cat of the Week, Beano

Beano is Cat of the Week

You can follow Beano on Instagram @beano_cat

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  1. Diane Merritt

    Boy I almost thought it was a picture of my cat, Zippo!!!


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