Another Snow-Kitty Update

I was minding my own business when my husband called out that I better come orangekittydownstairs.  He said that one of my cats, Maggie, was quite upset, looking out the back window and he thought maybe “outdoor cat” might be back and eating, but he didn’t want to scare it.

I went downstairs to check it out and to my surprise, it was not the original gorgeous black cat that I’m used to seeing – instead it was a beautiful, fluffy, orange furball.  I’ve seen this cat before too.  Both of these cats have occasionally walked through my yard, mostly in the summer and fall… but now I am seeing them in the winter.  Hmmm.   I have two snow-kitties.  At least they both appear to be healthy and I’ll continue to feed them  – at least until the harsh winter subsides.

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  1. Boomdeeadda

    OMgosh, another kitty…and what a beauty. I sure do hope they both have homes somewhere nearby but just happen to love visiting. I don’t let my cats outside. I just can’t bare to not know where they are. I know they’re safe inside. You are a good soul to care for them until you know for sure, thank you for being there for them.

    • Wesley

      Me too! I also never let my cats outside. I know that once they get a taste of being outside, they will be slipping past my ankles at every opportunity and I could not bare to lose one.

      • Boomdeeadda

        You and I are the smart ones. I admit, when we lived in the country, we had an indoor/outdoor kitty named Paco. Of course he was a big part of our family and one morning he didn’t come home. We were sooooo heartbroken. We had found him as a stray. We had him for 6 years. So I will never have another cat that is allowed to room, especially not in the city.


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