7 Most Docile Cat Breeds

Are you looking for the cuddliest cat breed? According to Pet360, and the Cat Fanciers Association, the seven most docile cat breeds are:



Persian cats are known for their sweet purrsonalities. They adapt easily and love to play which makes them a great cat for homes with children.


Exotic cats are similar in purrsonality to the Persians. Exotics are very quiet, peaceful cats and make loyal companions.

American Shorthair

The American Shorthair is a great pet for the whole family. They have a sweet disposition and are loving and playful. They are also known to have good health.


Ragdoll Cats

Ragdoll cats love humans (I have one) and they are extremely affectionate and laid-back. They are known for following their owners around the home and even greeting you at the door (I can vouch for this!).



The Manx cat is often compared to being most “dog-like”. They are loyal, smart and love playing with their humans! They also get along really well with other family pets. Manx are known for their short, stubby tails.



The RagaMuffin cat is a great family cat. They love attention and especially being pet… which is a good thing because they have beautiful long coats that are irresistible to touch.


British Short Hair

The British Shorthair cat is very loving with a calm demeanor, most of them draw the line at being held or carried! They are great family pets they develop deep attachments to their owners.

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  1. Glenn Coleman

    You have completely missed the Australian mist! IM astonished, check out these furry purry characters and you wont go back

  2. Admin-Lauren

    I’ve never heard of the Australian Mist. The list is according to Pet360 and the Cat Fancier’s Association. I’ve never met a cat I didn’t like 🙂 But I will definitely check out the Australian Mist – thanks for the tip, Glenn!


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