6 Ways To Be Your Cat’s Valentine

Guest Post By Shayla Tucker and her cat, Suri
Valentine’s Day is only  a few days away,  and I’m sure you’re already wondering what you are going to do to show your cats just how much you love them.  Well, wonder no more!  Here  are a few ideas you can try this Valentine’s Day to show the cat in your life a little extra love:

IDEA 1: Bling

Yes, Cat Bling.  Now is a purr-fect  time to get your kitty a brand new collar and identification tag!  Or, if your cat hasn’t been microchipped, take your cat to the vet to get implanted with a permanent chip that will stay with her even when her collar doesn’t.  Give you and your cat the reassurance that she will find her way home with the help of humans should she need it! Personally, my kitty is both chipped AND rocks some amazing cat bling!

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IDEA 2:  Fix A Special Meal

One of the most important ways you can keep a cat healthy is by increasing the quality of her diet.  If you feed your cat dry kibble, try incorporating a high quality, minimal ingredient canned wet food.  If you already feed your cat wet food, try adding some bites of raw food. Bites of fresh beef roast, ground beef, steak, etc provide taurine, which is essential in a cat’s diet. Of course, before you change your cat’s diet too drastically, always research any potential new foods, including raw diets and discuss with your vet to get their opinion. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions and voice any concerns.


IDEA 3:  Kitty Candy

Well…we really mean homemade kitty treats. There are plenty of healthy cat treats you can make right at home for your kitty. The ingredients tend to be basic, and the recipes are pretty easy to follow.  A quick google search will bring up a plethora of recipes. Be careful though… there are many people foods that are dangerous for cats to eat,  so make sure that you’re using cat safe ingredients.  Remember… these are treats, not meal substitutes, so moderation is key! For some additional guidance on safe foods – the ASPCA has a great resource database where you can look up just about anything to find out if it’s safe. And again, talk to your vet if you are changing your cat’s food.
Not up for cooking for your cat? Here are a bunch of popular cat treats (just remember, everything in moderation!)

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IDEA 4: Catnip Bouquet or Toys

Many cats likes to get a sniff of the ‘nip…. if you get me. Pet owners also enjoy watching their kitty roll around and act goofy when around catnip. If you don’t have access to fresh catnip (because um, it’s February), you can always find it online, at your local pet store, or perhaps even with the herbs in your favorite grocery store. Making your cat a new Valentine’s Day catnip filled toy is super easy as well! Simply cut out two identical hearts from some festive felt, add about a teaspoon of catnip, and then sew the felt together. Viola’! Catnip toy joy!

IDEA 5: The “I Love You” Blink

When in doubt the slow blink is always a winner! Basically, the slow blink (if you do it right and don’t act like a crazy cat lady about it) communicates to your cat that you trust and respect them. If they return the blink, they’re sending the same message back.  Cats will do this with each other, and it’s a nice way to send a calm message to your kitty.  Here’s how you do “The Slow Blink”:  slowly blink to the words “I love you.” Slowly close your eyes as you think “I.”  Keep them closed as you think “love.” Slowly open your eyes as you think “you..”  Move your eyes away, or look to the side.  With a little practice, your kitty will return the blink to you!

IDEA 6:  Share Your Love With Shelter Cats

Perhaps your own kitties have had enough love for the holiday (We know, impossible!) and maybe you have some leftover affection that you’d like to share with another cat. Or maybe you don’t have a cat for whatever reason, but love them dearly.  The sad truth is that there are tons of shelter cats out there who need love and attention… even a few minutes can make a big difference in the day of a cat who spends most of her time in a small kennel waiting to be adopted.  Consider visiting your local shelter or rescue and volunteering: whether it’s cleaning up, feeding, or simply socializing with the shelter’s cats, you’ll be helping to make someone’s day a little brighter. You could also donate bags of food, litter, blankets, toys, or maybe some of those above mentioned homemade treats!
Chewy has an entire Valentine’s Day Shop! You’ll have to sort through products to find ones for your cat – but they have some really cute stuff for your kitty and for you!

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What plans do you have for your cat this Valentine’s Day? Tell us in the comments or on social media!
About Shayla Tucker
Author Shayla Tucker, a former criminal patrol deputy sheriff, is a wife, mother to four young kids, and mom to her bengal fur baby Suri. Shayla has had a life-long love for animals, and has owned, raised, trained, and worked with many different species, both large and small. She was a very active member of both 4-H and FFA,  competing at a National level. Shayla also served as an Oregon State Agriculture Ambassador, and holds 5 consecutive Grand Master Showman titles. Shayla has a soft spot in her heart for cats, and as a hobby enjoys writing both fun and educational articles about them… with the help of her cat, Suri, of course!
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