Just One Day is a movement that was started by Nathan Winograd to set aside ‘just one day’, June 11th, when no animal would be killed in an animal control facility or kill shelter. Since 2001, animal rescue organizations have pledged to visit these facilities and scoop up animals on “death row” and save them. Unfortunately, not every animal can be saved…but for just this one day – there is hope for some (are you choked up yet?). In 2015, over 13,000 animals were saved in one day. The year prior, over 10,000 adoptable animals were saved.

For 2017, 542 traditional, open admission animal control-type shelters have taken the pledge, supported by 776 no-kill shelters and rescue organizations for a total of 1,318 participants.

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Support the Movement. If you are a volunteer at a shelter and they don’t participate or if you have a local shelter in your area, check with them and ask them to take the Just One Day pledge.
  2. Donate Resources. You can always donate your time or money to a local NO-KILL animal shelter in your area to help support rescued animals in need. Many of these organizations are dependent upon donations to operate.
  3. Adopt. Don’t Shop. Always choose adoption as your first option. When you buy a pet, another animal loses out.
  4. Offer your home. Become a foster parent to one of these animals. Many shelters plan for this day well ahead of time and look for volunteers so that they can rescue MORE animals on Just One Day. Think ahead for 2016.
  5. Share the message. If nothing else. SHARE this message. It takes a second – and that second could save a life.