Cats on the internet, cats on social media, cats in the movies! While some maintain that cat videos are being taken over by dog videos (eer, we beg to differ), cats have always had a place in movies! Though, sadly, cats are often portrayed as sneaky, evil or complete jerks. Don’t fret though, those of us who actually have cats know that their portrayal in TV, movies and book is far from the truth.

Entertainment Weekly is featuring 25 iconic cats in cinema…check out their slideshow below. Did they miss any? (I can name a few).

The 25 most iconic movie cats

EW ranks the most fantastic felines in film - from Jiji and Jonesy to Mr. Bigglesworth and Mrs. Norris.

Here are a few that they forgot: Jinxie from “Meet the Parents,” oh, and “Puss in Boots” from Shrek!

What about you? Which cat is your favorite kitty movie star?

Who’s your favorite movie cat?

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