2,000-Year-Old Cat Geoglyph Uncovered

Scientists have unearthed a 2,000-year-old cat geoglyph in Peru’s Nazca Desert. It is part of the Nazca Lines, made by the Nazca culture between 500 BCE and 500 CE. Read the full story from ScienceAlert.com

• A geoglyph of a cat, measuring 37 metres (120 feet) long and estimated to be around 2,000 years old, has been recently discovered in the Nazca desert in Peru.
• The lines were probably made by the Paracas culture and are older than any other geoglyphs found in the area.
• These drawings could serve as travel markers or to be seen by deities in the sky.
• Scientists have discovered many more of these geoglyphs using new technological tools, but unfortunately some have been damaged due to activities such as truck driving and Greenpeace actions.
• Fortunately this particular cat was spared from damage when it was found and has now been carefully cleaned up.

Scientists Uncover Gorgeous 2,000-Year-Old Etching of a Giant Cat in Nazca Desert

A cat lies in the Sun in Peru, its ears up and alert, its belly exposed, and tail stretched out. The cat is 37 metres (120 feet) long, and around 2,000 years old. It’s a geoglyph recently discovered in the famous Nazca desert in Peru.

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