Phil Meyer is a digital cat artist and a cat-person you should know.

Phil first became interested in photography back in 2010 and in turning cats into what Phil calls “fantasy art.” Phil is a cat enthusiast and loved the idea of capturing the beauty of the cat and capturing their souls through his art.

He researched different techniques and experimented on his own pets first. Phil uses his graphic design software to turn your photographs into unforgettable works of art. He is currently very popular on Instagram, where a number of cats purrsonalities have commissioned him to pay tribute to their furbabies with a beautiful digital rendition.

Initially he didn’t know what to charge people for his art, so he left it up to the patron. Over time, he has decided upon a pricing system that is quite modest.

When I first saw Phil’s work on Instagram as @TopSecretEdits I was struck by the juxtaposition in his art – both real and surreal at the same time.  I had to talk to him to understand how his process works and to see if he would do a portrait for me! I learned a great deal by going through the process of ordering my own photo, such as the types of photos that Phil needs, what he charges and what to expect.

This is just a small sampling of his work!

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Like what you see?  You can get one too…

Make sure you provide top quality photos with a lot of detail. Photos cannot be blurred at all or else they will not turn out.  Your photos should also be on a plain dark background if possible. This helps Phil put your pet on a different background.  Also, your pet should be in the position that you desire in the final photo. Phil does not manipulate the position or shape of your pet at all. If your cat is sitting in the photo, your cat will be in the same position in the final artwork.


Elaine, version one, without reflection

Elaine, version one, without reflection

Phil’s pricing is really very modest.  He starts at $35US and goes up to $85US depending on the type of image you are looking for, the number of pets involved, and the number of art pieces you want delivered.

  • $35US gets you a square layout with no background change
  • $55US – portrait/landscape layout depending upon the original photo provided and a background change
  • $75US – portrait/landscape layout w/ background change and up to three pets
  • $85US – portrait/landscape layout + square layout w/ background change and up to three pets


About the Artist:

Phil lives in Australia with his wife and son. Phil has two cats and a dog, all rescues – they are his inspiration for his art. His cats are Bam, a Ginger and Dex, a Tabby. He also has a golden retriever named Summer. You can reach Phil on Facebook or Instagram at Top Secret Edits (@topsecretedits).



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