Kitty Decides Video Benefits Cats in Need

Amy Raasch is the artist behind the new cat video, Kitty Decides. Amy is a popular fixture in the robust cat-scene in Los Angeles. Inspired by iconic cat-woman, Julie Newmar, Raasch embodies the fun, confident and finicky nature of a cat.

“Many cats love being pet – until they do not,” quips Raasch, whose multimedia performances embrace animal themes.”That is when play turns serious. The song and video were inspired by that moment when you’re petting a cat and she flops over on her side to present her stomach, so you pet the stomach and she chomps you!”

According to Charity Navigator, animal-related charities see the least amount of donations at $10.68Bn dollars (3% of all donations). With Americans spending over $56Bn per year on pet care, Raasch would like to see more donations steered toward the benefit of animals.

Watch the quirky Kitty Decides video below!