Heading over to Spain soon?  Be sure to check out the Urban in Ibiza Festival on the island of Ibiza.  The festival, at the prestigious Atzaro Agricultural Resort, features the latest artists, musicians and fashion – now in its seventh year. The 2015 exhibition will showcase the artworks from the likes of Banksy, Inkie, Mr Brainwash, Pam Glew, Goldie, Fin Dac and many more of the high fliers from the scene, as well as fashion and music. The festival goes on for two weeks and begins on August 6, 2015.

One particular artist you should know, Julian Quaye, will be at the festival showcasing his latest work, “The Mognificent Seven,” an art theme featuring seven fantastic cats, or moggies, as they’re called in the UK. The gang is led by Flotty and Flynny Kane.

“This is my latest piece…These wild west style characters are a gang who are part of the feuding feral felines of the north in the [art] story,” said Quaye. The gang is led by characters Flotty and Kane.

Quaye ran a competition for cats to be featured as the remainder of the gang and was overwhelmed to have over 300 entries on Facebook and Twitter. After much deliberation the five cats were chosen – two from the Serbian Cat Rescue, Cat Shelter Jessica (Dodi and Limpy), two entries from the United States – Dusty and Prof Iggy and one cat from Bristol named Smeagol.

Sadly Limpy (an FIV-positive cat who was also a tripod with cross eyes) died between the entry period and the time that Quaye chose the winners. However staff at Cat Shelter Jessica said Limpy would still be honored to be chosen.

“He has such a great face for the gang I’m thrilled I can include this courageous cat,” remarked Quaye [of Limpy].

Quaye’s original work that launched him into this art genre was ‘The Aviators Collection’ which features anthropomorphic mixed media on canvas.

“A little way into my paintings I realized the power of linking themes, and began thinking about back stories for each of the characters.  This spread into a greater vision of publishing an old-fashioned story book about the characters with plate colour reproductions of my mixed media paintings as well as pen and ink drawings.”

This is what all of his current paintings are now working towards.

As Quaye works on his paintings, a story begins to emerge. His new artistic plot, The Mognificent Seven, will involve catnip smuggling, setting up a new business to go ‘legit’ and a very ‘Jessy James’ style of outlaw. Find work in progress shots and follow the story as it unfolds on Quaye’s website.


About Julian Quaye

Quaye was a commercial artist for over 25 years starting with customized freehand airbrushing.  In 2012 he started painting ‘The Aviator Collection’.  Within three months of exhibiting for the first time he was picked up and auctioned alongside Damian Hirst and fellow Bristol artist Banksy at the prestigious London auction house Dreweatts.

Quaye is available for private commissions. He wrote a couple of really easy guides to help people get the most from their budget when commissioning paintings of their fabulous furry felines (more details on website https://www.julianquaye.co.uk/private-commissions.php