RESCUED – The Stories of 12 Cats, Through Their Eyes

RESCUED – The Stories of 12 Cats, Through Their Eyes – A Book Review
By Katniss, Cat Reporter

When I was just a kitten, I was adopted from a shelter. I don’t remember much about it, but being rescued and brought to my furrever home was the best thing that ever happened to me. This book tells the true stories of 12 cats who were rescued by kind Humans. The cats relay, in their own words, how their lives were transformed… and how they, in turn, transformed the lives of their rescuers.

Some of the cats who share their stories are:

TUFFY – A scared and starving street cat who eventually allows himself to be captured by his pursuers after being hit by a car. In time, he not only heals, but goes on to become the inspiration for the cat star of the Pawsitively Organic Mysteries books.
LUCKY – An unknown human burned and scarred Lucky by pouring a caustic substance over his entire body. And still, when rescued, he purred and made “biscuits” to show his gratitude. His is the story of the healing power of love – overwhelming love by kind Humans and an outpouring of donations from around the world to cover his medical expenses.
RASCAL – Rascal and his sibling were displaced not just once, but twice, when his elderly Humans were moved to retirement homes that did not allow pets… but they didn’t know this. All Rascal and his brother knew was that they were being abandoned. Again. But they do get their happy ending…
MAGOO – Street-wise, defiant, tough… and then captured. This is the “tail” of how a confirmed tomcat allowed himself to be taken in off the streets, given a cozy home and lots of love.
BROWSER – An alley cat, abandoned by Humans, adopts the local library as his home, becomes a local celebrity, blogger and star of the movie If Cats Could Talk.
CREPES – A homeless, hungry, handicapped kitten goes on to become an award-winning blogger and movie star at the Internet Cat Video Festival.

This book is a celebration of cats and their resiliency. It is also a love letter to those who put the time, effort, money and love into rescuing and caring for homeless, abandoned or abused animals. If you are a cat, like me, or a cat-lover, rescuer or just someone who loves thoroughly engaging, heartwarming stories, this book is for you. I also highly recommend it for the cat-lovers in your life who would enjoy a good book to curl up with.

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