Cat Art Show LA is Back!


Cats are endlessly entertaining, so it’s no surprise that artists around the world find cats as a source of inspurration. And soon the worlds of cats and art will collide in a spectacular display of cat-inspired artwork. On March 24, 2016 through March 27, 2016 the second annual cat art festival, by CatConLA creator, Susan Michals, will be held in Los Angeles called “Cat Art Show LA 2: The Sequel.” The show will donate 10% of net proceeds to Kitten Rescue!

The Catnip Times features art from Cat Art Show LA

Ascension by Zane York

About the show

This is the second time around for Cat Art Show LA. The first was in 2014, where 77 artists including Shepard Fairey (the man behind the Obama “Hope” image), Tim Biskup and Mark Ryden appeared. This year over 100 works will be on display at that show!

The show is suitable for art and cat lovers of all ages with plenty of fun activities planned. A silhouette artist will be available to create cat art work of your very own cat for a fee (attendees must bring a photo of their kitty) on Saturday and Sunday. And Dr. Paul Koudounaris will present a lecture and slideshow featuring stories of some of history’s most amazing cat sailors, including a L.A. cat who won four battle stars. Koudounaris also created a work for the show using his cat, aptly entitled “Warhol Cat.”

The Catnip Times features art from Cat Art Show LA

Gravity Cat by Katsunori Miyagi

About the artists

Over 70 cat artists will be present this year including a few celebrities who are artists in their own right – like Norman Reedus, from the show, “The Walking Dead” and Kat Von D, the tattoo artist. In total, over 100  works will be on display – some by up-and-coming artists, and some by artists who grace the walls of museums around the world.

Founder, Susan Michals noted that she absolutely loves the work of all of the artists and added “I do have a soft spot though for Walter Chandoha’s work, ‘Five Kittens.’” Walter is 95 years old, and dubbed, “The Godfather of Cat Photography.” Michals continues, “This work has never been available for sale to the public, so to me, that makes it even more special as it is one of a kind.”

All of the artwork onsite will be available for sale. Attendees can purchase at the gallery, or, if unable to attend in person, all of the artwork will be posted in the days  prior to the event on the show’s website Cat Art Show LA. And everyone cat participate because the cat artwork can be shipped to just about anywhere!

The Catnip Times features art from Cat Art Show LA: Soft Kitty by Marion Peck

Soft Kitty by Marion Peck

Who should attend?

Anyone who loves cats, art or both! In 2014, the show attracted a very diverse crowd of nearly 5000 people including many families and children.

The Catnip Times features art from Cat Art Show LA

Solar BUB by Johannah O’Donnell

Cat Art Show Event Time and Location

The show is open March 24 – 27th at Think Tank Gallery, 939 South Maple Street, Los Angeles, CA 90015



Thursday, March 24, 8pm-10pm (VIP Preview 6:30pm-8pm)

Friday, March 25, 11am-5pm

Saturday, March 26, 11am-5pm

Sunday, March 27, 11am-5pm


What’s the admission fee? Will cats benefit?

Admission is free, except during the VIP/preview on Thursday, when Cat Show is offering a limited number of tickets for purchase to those wanting first dibs to purchase the art! As an added bonus, 10% of net proceeds will go to Kitten Rescue!


About Susan Michals, Creator Cat Art Show 2

Susan has been a journalist for over ten years with a focus on art and culture, and has worked with outlets like Vanity Fair, Wall Street Journal, and artnet News. Naturally she’s an avid cat-lover, and organizing Cat Art Show LA has been the perfect opportunity to meld two of her favorite pastimes! She is also the creator of CatConLA.

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Cat Art Show LA 2: THE SEQUEL

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