Who does your cat look like?

By now you’ve probably heard of the cat that made the internet explode with excitement this week (what else could make the internet catch fire but cats?) This time it was over a cat name Corey that has an uncanny resemblance to Adam Driver who plays Kylo Ren in Star Wars. Corey has been adopted and is starting a new, wonderful and famous life! We couldn’t be happier!!!

But this isn’t the first cat to have a doppelgänger.

Last week, an Instagram contest was hosted by @otisandjr, @heyseymour, @kingpopothecat, @sophie_the_model, @cats.Kiki.n.miki, @graveskullthepersian, @rukasthecat, @1tidus, and @muppet_the_mustached_cat, had over one thousand entries of cats that have a uncanny resemblances to humans. After sifting through nearly 1,300 entries, nine winners were chosen with the hashtag #doppelgänger2016.

Hosts of #doppelgänger2016

Winners received a variety of prizes from toys and treats, kitty bow ties, custom artwork/drawing by @plane_yogurt and @muppet_the_mustached_cat and other custom cat products (winners choice!)

Take a look at these kitty doppelgängers and let us know what you think!

Winners of #doppelgänger2016

Winners included @vinny_the_tooth, @winston_quincy, @ingmar_n_dot, @prince_maddox@moofabulousss, @hissycatkrissy, @2nuttyexotics, @estebancat and @scruffles_fatcat.



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