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The Catnip Times believes in giving back to help cats around the world.

We choose to give back in a variety of ways:

  • Communication – Central to The Catnip Times’ mission is communicating with the world about important topics affecting cats and their owners.  We seek to educate.
  • Advocacy – At times, The Catnip Times will endorse or promote certain causes that we feel need extra attention. We inform the public of important issues including community treatment of cats and case of cruelty and areas that do not support the humane treatment of animals.
  • Monetary – The Catnip Times has carefully vetted and selected a handful of partners to bring products to our audience and donate a percentage of sales to animal welfare and anti-cruelty causes.
  • Volunteer Work – The Catnip Times believes in giving back in a “hands on” kind of way.  Founder Lauren Mieli, has been a long-time volunteer with local humane rescue groups on a regular basis for over a decade. She loves working with rescue cats and seeing them get adopted into loving homes.

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