Cats have a pretty solid reputation for hating water. Why?

For one, when a cat’s fur gets really drenched, it tends to weigh the cat down – making her less agile, which is unappealing to most cats. And other cats have been traumatized by some less-sensitive humans that have made their experiences with water very unpleasant – think water sprayer, or forced bath. :(

But some cats are actually known for enjoying water – like the Turkish Van and other wild cats. They actually really like water:

  • To cool off in extreme heat
  • To catch food – for those wild cats that rely on fish as a food source
  • Curiosity – some cats like to dunk a paw or two, but aren’t keen on being fully submerged.

Ahhh Curiosity…

Curiosity is probably the biggest reason why domesticated cats will watch a dripping faucet or dip their paw in a bathtub or sink full of water. Check out the videos of the cats below that seem to really enjoy it!

How do your cats feel about water? Take the flash poll here and let us know!

What about grooming?

Sometimes our cats get into messes or have an accident and we have to take care of them, much like we would a small child. If possible, use a warm damp washcloth to clean your cat. If your cat is more tolerant, you can try putting her in the sink and using a faucet sprayer – but never spray the head and always test the water to ensure that it is not too cold or too hot. If your cat requires regular baths and really dislikes them – consider taking him to a professional groomer.

What’s the moral?

It’s very simple. Be kind. Respect your cat. If your cat is curious about water – then let your cat enjoy a dripping faucet or a shallow dish of water. Never submerge your cat in water. If your cat is afraid of water, then don’t purposefully expose your cat to it.