Not seeing The Catnip Times (or your other favorite pages) in your Facebook newsfeed? You’re not alone. Facebook uses an algorithm to determine what you will see in your newsfeed unless you tell Facebook your preferences. The good news? It’s really easy to change your Facebook newsfeed settings so that you see the pages that you “liked” and they will reappear in your newsfeed.

To help you (and us), I put together a short 2-minute video tutorial to explain how you can quickly and easily tell Facebook what your newsfeed preferences are. The process to change your Facebook newsfeed settings is really very easy and the changes take effect immediately.

Please view the short video below and we hope that you’ll add The Catnip Times to your preferred pages and award us the “blue star.” (See the video to find out what the blue star is :)

Screen Shot Walk-Through

Start by clicking on the three dots next to your newsfeed.

Click on “Edit Preferences”

Choose the first option “Prioritize who to see first”

Choose the “Pages Only” option to see the list of pages that you’re currently subscribed to. I believe there is a limit of 30 pages that you can mark as “See First.”

Click on the page thumbnail image that you want to appear in your newsfeed. When you click on the thumbnail, a blue star appears and the words “See First” appears below the image. You will now see that page in your newsfeed as a priority. If you no longer want to see that page, you can click it again, and the blue star will disappear.

This screenshot quickly summarizes the process.

Alternatively, when you’re visiting a page – you can check to see if you’re seeing it first or not by clicking on the “Following Button” and then choosing “See First.”