October 29th is National Cat Day. But ask any cat mom or dad what they think of National Cat Day, and they usually respond with “Every day is National Cat Day at my house!” That’s because cat people celebrate their cats every day. Unfortunately shelter cats are not going to celebrate National Cat Day the way many of us have the privilege.

Each year, more than 7 million pets pass through animal shelters and rescue organizations. Unfortunately, less than half are ever adopted into loving homes. See the stats…So this National Cat Day, why not give some hope to a homeless cat with a small donation, like $1, to Dander?*

Homeless cat in a cage in an animal shelter

Maybe next year, I can celebrate National Cat Day in my furever home…

What is Dander?

Dander is an organization with a new phone app that uses crowdfunding to help raise money and awareness for cats that have spent much too long in a shelter. Dander increases adoption rates and raises money for animal shelters and rescue organizations via small dollar donations. The really neat aspect to donating with Dander is that when you pledge to a pet they will tell you when that pet is adopted. Donors feel extra special and happy when they know their donation helped a specific cat or dog.

How does it work?

Think online dating for pets, but rather than dating it’s for donating. You get to see large pictures of cats and dogs, how long they’ve been at the shelter (many for years), and then click the $1 button if you want to help that pet. The money goes directly to the shelter/rescue where the pet resides. To increase the chances of the pet being adopted, you can also share the pet’s information via email or social sharing!

How do I access Dander?

Either view shelters and their adoptable pets online at Dander.com or use the Dander App which is currently available for Apple iPhone users only. The Dander team is working to make the app available on other devices. Download the iPhone app.

Which shelters are participating?

cat in a cage

Cat in a homeless shelter cage, waiting for a furever family…

Dander is currently working to recruit as many shelters as possible. Currently, they have shelters from Illinois, Wisconsin, and Virginia. Tell your local animal rescue/shelter to sign up – it’s free to join!

How do shelters/rescues get involved?

Shelters/rescues can sign up on the dander homepage and clicking on “Register Now” or by emailing [email protected] Shelters will never be charged and the on-boarding process is simple and painless.

Does Dander charge processing fees?

Dander typically takes 10% of a payment to cover their costs for donations of $10 or more. For donations under $10, they charge a minimum $1 processing fee. Where does that processing fee go? Dander pays their card processing company, Stripe, 2.4% + $0.20 for every transaction ($0.44). The amount remaining from that $1 goes to Dander to pay their engineers and continue to reinvest in technology. For example, Dander will take $1 for a $10 donation (10%), and $0.44 of that $1 goes to Stripe and $0.56 goes to feeding their engineers.

Have more questions about payments and processing? View the FAQ on Dander.com.

Are donations tax-deductible?

Not yet… Dander is a small start-up right now, but is looking for support for this type of donation system…In short, they are working towards it!

About the Dander Team

The Dander Team (Andy Hamilton, Kevin Koperski and Eric Broughton) are technologists that love cats and dogs. They each shelter cats or dogs that rule their lives.They wanted to use technology to make a difference in helping homeless pets, but also help the amazing organizations that house and care for the animals.

*If you can’t find a local shelter on Dander at this time, please consider doing something nice for a shelter in your area.

So what do you think?

Feel free to sound off with your thoughts about Dander in the comments! As a new and small organization, they welcome any and all feedback to help make their service better. Ultimately, they want to help as many pets as possible.