As cat owners, we know it’s really important to encourage our cats to drink water. Cats are notorious for suffering from kidney disease which is exacerbated by dehydration. So it’s really crucial that your cat always has access to clean, fresh water. 
I recently test drove the Heyrex Torus water bowl and have incorporated it into my home (NOTE: I chose the 2 liter dog bowl for my cats). 
  •  PROS:
    • The Heyrex Torus water bowl comes with a tiny, removable filter that you can replace monthly. (Replacement filters are not included)
    • The bowl itself is a water reservoir that you can fill daily or every other day as your cats drink the water. 
    • The bowl self fills” so that as your cat drinks, the water is replenished. 
    • The Torus cat water bowl sturdy and doesn’t tip over. 
    • The mouth of the Torus bowl is wide, so the cats really enjoy drinking out of it. 
    • Filters are small and super easy to swap in and out and are never gunky like some fountains
    • Easy on/off cap that twists to allow water to flow or stop depending on your needs.
    • The bowl takes a minute to fill. 
    • Bowl is easy to clean
  • CONS:
    • The water level is pretty shallow, so a couple of my cats aren’t sure if there’s water in it…
    • I’m not sure what the best way is to clean the bowl. It has developed what I think is a calcium ring and I don’t want to use any harsh chemicals to clean it. I’ll probably reach out to the company, Heyrex, to ask. 
Overall, I love this bowl…and I love this bowl because my cats love it and it really encourages them to drink. There have been times when I’ve seen a line of cats waiting patiently to drink from this bowl…even when other bowls are nearby. Whether you use this bowl or any other, give your cat (and her kidneys) the best chance by conveniently placing water bowls throughout your home. 
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