It’s reported that roughly 50% of cats are sensitive to catnip (though I think it’s higher than that). If you have a cat that likes

catnip, they are going to LOVE Purrvana Colorado Kitty Kush.


Purrvana Kitty Kush Gourmet Catnip in Tin

This catnip is 100% organic and comes in a variety of flavors which are blended with up to 20% organic herbs.

Our cats tested this out and were over-the-moon with this catnip. We tried a variety of flavors including:

  • Cat-O-Tonic – Leaf & Flower Blend
  • Chatty Catty – Catnip-Lavender Blend
  • Killer Buzz – Whole Catnip Buds (Seasonal)
  • Totally Bucked Up – Catnip-Silverline Blend
  • Cosmic Chamomile – Catnip-Chamomile Blend
  • Get Soused – Catnip-Valerian Blend
  • Slap Happy – Catnip-Sage Blend

Each of these blends works in different ways, from reducing anxiety in the chamomile blend to sending your cat into overdrive with the valerian blend.

If you’re looking for a 100% organic that your cat will love, visit Purrvana and read up on each blend and treat your cat to some gourmet catnip and get them feeling groovy. After all, they deserve it.

Want something else to feel good about? Purrvana donates at least 10% of sales to animal welfare causes and charities.