Shop Cats of New York chronicles the lives of dozens of cats that inhabit a variety of businesses in the city of New York and its boroughs.
Blogger Tamar Arslanian breathes life and purrsonality into what might normally be considered the mundane businesses in the city by documenting the lives of the city’s cherished feline shopkeepers. 
Andrew Marttila, well-known cat photographer offers a stunning pictorial review makes this book a cat-photo feast for the avid cat lover. For those of you who follow this blog, we interviewed Andrew earlier this year about his favorite photography tips.
Meet the felines shopkeepers from yoga studios and dry cleaners to hotels and book stores, in this beautiful, 176-page delicious coffee table book. It will make a great gift for anyone who loves cats and the city of New York – don’t forget to get a copy for yourself!!
On a more purrsonal note, I want to congratulate both Tamar and Andrew on this wonderful collaboration. I’ve known both of these cat lovers for several years and wish them much success!
Purchase Shop Cats of New York for yourself or as a gift for the cat lover in your life!