The holidays are upon us yet again! Do you know what you’re getting for the special cat in your life? If the answer is no, worry not! The Catnip Times is here for you with a gift guide that will help you find the perfect gift for cats and cat lovers alike.

SmartyKat Hot Pursuit

The SmartyKat Hot Pursuit electronic motion cat toy is one of the top rated cat toys on It imitates the movement of prey in the wild and encourages your cat’s inner hunter, and it’s great for getting your cat active and engaged when you’re busy elsewhere.

KittyShield Subscription

With a subscription to KittyShield you are giving the gift of peace of mind. Unexpected predicaments happen to everyone, and that’s where KittyShield comes in. KittyShield is a service that lets you enter the daily routine of your cat(s), including their food preferences/requirements, litter box preferences, and sleep and play habits. Should you ever have an emergency and not make it home when your cats are expecting you, your regular pet sitter (or caregivers you choose) will be notified and can access all of your cat’s information via KittyShield to stop in and care for your cat.

Note: KittyShield will be available starting January 1, 2019. Founding members will get 50% off of their annual membership forever! Sign up here to be on the list to be notified when KittyShield is available!

Ethical Pet Colorful Spring Cat Toys

Your cat can never have too many small toys to lose (or stash) around the house, right? These Ethical Pet Spring Toys are a cute, festive addition to your cat’s collection. They’re colorful, springy and unpredictable.  My cats love these toys to chase after, bat around and then carry proudly in their mouths. They usually disappear around our house and can be found under a couch or piece of furniture… but no worries – these are really inexpensive so you can buy a whole bunch of them and never run out!

ethical pet spring toys

Apothecaty Premium Organic Catnip and Premium Catnip Blends

Most cat owners are familiar with catnip. But did you know that catnip can help your cat lead a more enriched life? Feline obesity is on the rise and one way to get your cat moving and excited is with catnip. You say your cat doesn’t respond to catnip? No problem. Nearly 80% of cats respond to silver vine and many will respond to valerian. Apothecaty offers organic catnip and catnip blends. Wanna try?  Order a sampler pack so your cat can try out all of the catnip blends and see which variety your cat likes best! And this month, you can get 25% off of your catnip order when you use code 25NOW. Offer valid through December 2018. Proudly grown in the USA.

Merino wool cat cave

You’ll have to use your discretion with this item as some cats have no interest in a bed not made of cardboard, but these [amazon link=”B01637YYKU” link_icon=”amazon” /]  make a great gift for those who will use them. Not only do they provide cozy seclusion that many cats love, they look cool in your home, too!

Custom cat ornaments

These custom cat ornaments are an adorable gift for a fellow cat lover. Just send in a picture of your friend’s cat with your order and you’ll get a 3” – 4” hand cut and stitched cotton ornament featuring their cat. If you want to get it by Christmas be sure to place your order before Dec. 9 due to the ornament being custom and handmade.

Miscellaneous gifts

For the wine lover, this cat whiskers wine glass is an affordable and entertaining gift (they also sell beer and whiskey glasses). On the stranger side… this book explains how to craft with cat hair – the gobs that fall off of your cat like tumbleweeds can become fun art! Hey, we’ve all got plenty of it to go around, right? May as well get creative with its disposal. And finally, an option that will make them laugh: “I Could Pee on This: And Other Poems by Cats.”

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What gift ideas do you have? Do you buy cat stuff for hoomans? Do you buy your own cats gifts (yes!!) Let us know what your picks are in the comments!