I have a cat crush. Again. I know. It happens all the time. But this time it’s different. I swear!

This time, it’s on Leeloo the Devon (Instagram: @leeloo_the_devon). I find myself continually obsessing over the adorable antics of this cat. And her face!!! It’s too cute for words!!!

I had to learn more, so I contacted Leeloo’s mom, Nicole, to find out more about this tiny, spunky little girl!

Check out my 3 favorite Leeloo videos below!

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Here are the quick facts on Leeloo!


Infographic about cats


TCT: Tell me about Leeloo! How old is she? How did you meet?

Leeloo’s Mom: Leeloo  was born October 18th, 2015, which makes her 10 months old. She weighs about 5 lbs and won’t get much bigger. Leeloo is currently our only cat and only pet. She’s pretty spoiled. Lol


TCT: How did Leeloo find you?

Leeloo’s Mom: It wasn’t until about 5 years after our orange tabby died that we discovered Leeloo’s daddy is now allergic to regular cats which is how we discovered the Devon Rex breed. I contacted a local breeder to come “visit” to see if my husband could tolerate the breed. While we were there, they happened to have a kitten available. It was love at first sight. We had talked beforehand that we weren’t going to take a kitten home unless it was the absolute perfect fit for us. I think it was meant to be. We happened to visit this breeder at the exact time Leeloo (who was then named Oreo) became available for her forever home. She instantly clicked with every member of our family and we now call her our “third child.”


Leeloo pouncing through humom’s hair video.

TCT: I understand think weren’t always easy?

Leeloo’s Mom When we got her she had a respiratory infection along with some type of blood infection that made her red blood cell count low (anemia). Unfortunately, the breeder we got her from was very overcrowded and not very clean. She got very sick after having her a little less than a month and gave us a big scare. Fortunately, we have a wonderful vet that took special care of her. I think this is when she developed her bond with me (human mom). I am a nurse (for people), so my nature is to take care of others. When she got sick, I was with her day and night until she started getting better. She has been happy and healthy ever since! She loves every member of our family, but she and I share a special bond.


TCT: How did you come up with her name?

Leeloo’s Mom: She is named after the main female character in the movie “The Fifth Element”. That is one of our favorite movies and the name just fit so well. Her middle name is Rey after the main female character in the new Star Wars (yes, we are nerds). She really is the mixture of a dog, a cat, a monkey, and a human.


TCT: What’s Leeloo’s favorite game?

Leeloo’s Mom: Her favorite game is definitely fetch. She would play all day every day if she could. She doesn’t really have a favorite toy. She prefers all my daughter’s stuffed animals. Anything soft that she can carry around and wrestle with (even if it is bigger than she is!!).


Leeloo dragging a panda bigger than she is (video)

TCT: Does she like to be pet?

Leeloo’s Mom: Leeloo LOVES to be pet and it instantly starts her “motor” (purring).


TCT: Favorite food and treats?

Leeloo’s Mom: This is where she gets a little weird. She will only eat her regular dry cat food. We have tried kitten treats, cat treats, multiple types of canned foods. We’ve even offered her our food off our plates and she is never interested (including ice cream). So far, the only other food she seems remotely interested in is plain potato chips.


Invisible Leeloo (video)

TCT: Leeloo’s Quirks?

Leeloo’s Mom: She will not let you hold her at all. If you try and pick her up she will crawl up onto your shoulder and ride around like a monkey would. She will also greet myself and my husband at the door and “climb” up us to sit on our shoulder and give us kisses. She has never growled or hissed a day since we got her. She sniffs things like a dog. When you put something in front of her face or when she is “kissing” you she sniffs very loudly just like a dog would do. She does the same with food you present to her, but usually won’t eat it.

She likes to be with her people. She doesn’t go off and hang out or sleep like a “regular cat.” She follows us around the house (like a dog) and if we are sitting she is in our lap.

She loves to chase our kids. When they are running around the house playing she has to be with them like she’s one of the kids. When they go outside, she cries at the door until they come back inside. Occasionally we let her go outside with parent supervision and she loves it. She never strays more than 5-10 feet from us and just hangs out in the backyard.

black and white devon rex kitten

Shoulder surfing on humom